The Temple

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The Map

Fiction is created from seven principles. The seven seas of writing are how writing is created. The central temple is the why. No matter if its a novel, cook book, ad-copy, or seven volume history of the Hoover dam. These are the tools of the trade.

A writers style is based off how well they can navigate the seven seas. Lost in the Sea of Contrast your book will be a series of antics. The doldrums of Conflict cause boredom. If you capsize in the Sea of Clarity, your writing becomes unreadable.

The Seven Principles of Fiction

The Temple

The temple is truth. Only God knows the truth. I treasure a smaller form of truth: honesty.

But I won’t leave you empty handed. There are two insights every story has in common.

  1. Everything is not as it seems.
  2. You are not alone.

I hope you can bring truth to your work and thereby to your readers. I don’t care if you are writing pulpy space operas or the great American novel.