About the next book I’m writing

I love comic books, and I’m going back to writing a comic fantasy.

I’m writing a book inspired off of three things:

  1. All of the writing books I read have said “Your character not wanting to die is an obvious and therefore boring motivation, yata-yata,” Challenge accepted. The main character in my new book wants to die. Woah–dark, and easily solved? Not so fast! He’s the undead, he’s already lived a full life and wants to get back to heaven.
  2. Orcs, goblins, pixies, and kobolds are B-tier fantasy creatures. Popular races, humans and elves and the like slap them down as quick as thinking and prance on their way. No longer. My main cast is full of secondary fantasy races.
  3. Ever feel left out? You’re hauling groceries on foot as rich teenagers cruise by on a party boat–during the Covid lock down. Yes, that happened to me. Got me thinking. Most people are a little bit in the margins, struggling just to make ends meet while the nouveau nobility gets to drive sexy cars and date expensive women. My book has just that, everything is a slog for the main characters while others get the “get out of jail free” card.

At the end though, I am optimistic. I hope my book inspires you to keep living and enjoy life fully cognizant of the bad hand you were dealt. You have a two and a three? Bluff!

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