Writing Update

I’ve been working on my next novel for the past three days. I’m making great progress on the first draft. (10,000 words) It’s the second installment on Space-Farming in the Age of the Disco-Pirates.

Well, you might be asking, where’s the first book?

My beta readers are still crunching it. I hope to get good feedback from them over Christmas. I don’t have a cover for the book. I don’t want to dip into my savings for a good cover design and a bad cover design is unacceptable. With all that in mind, I hope to have it released Mid January. You will really like this book. I released the first two chapters here.

As for The Basin. I’m really excited for this project. I only got one vote on the thingy but that’s enough to go to part II! I’ve started writing that. I’m hoping for bi-weekly installments.

That’s all.

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